Thursday, 2 October 2014

Auntie Dawn comes to visit

Welcome back to our great friend Dawn Heather White who has come to visit from her home in Bangor, Northern Ireland.
Dawn Heather has visited and volunteered many times before and never comes empty handed!
Knowing just how much we need clothing and other things for the family she brought two suitcases full of of lovely things, with  some treats for her  her special friends Katana and Fikiri and also for twin Pendo Dickson, from her sister Emma McKervey who is in her sponsor family.
Dawn Heather, who has a very busy job, has come for a relaxing holiday but we know that she will pop in often to see our family.
It is so nice to see you again, Dawn Heather.  We have missed you. Thank you for bringing so much for our children.