Saturday, 4 October 2014

The frock that rocks!

We are so grateful to everyone who is sending parcels of lovely clothes for our children for Christmas.
We can now be hopeful that Santa will be able to deliver a new outfit to every one of our 87 kids.
And we can promise the clothing you send will be well worn.
At first, be kept for best. Safari means "trip" in Kswahili, so the children call their best things their "safari" clothes and they are kept for special occasions, outings and church.
When they are outgrown they will be handed down and eventually be relegated to everyday or playing out clothes until such a time they simply cannot stand another wash and wear.
This little red and white spotted dress (it would be lovely to know who donated it)  is an example. It has been in use for more than four years.
It was in the very first shipment sent out to the Happy House ready for the opening in  2010 when it was worn by Mwende, one of our very first children.
Such a pretty dress it was a vibrant red and fresh white when this picture was taken by Auntie Libby at our opening celebrations on March 17 2010,.
It's been in constant use ever since and the hot sun, and so many washes, have faded the colour to pale pink as you can see from the picture taken earlier this week.
Thank you to whoever sent it all those years ago, we have certainly made sure that it was value for money!
*If you would like to send a parcel for Christmas  you will find out what we need most and where to send it to via this link