Monday, 6 October 2014

Happy news for our very HAPPY family!

Mama here today. All good news from The Lovely Papa and myself .

 I had an appointment with Dr Danwata my oncologist, who requested I had a mammogram and bone density scan, as the one-a-day tablets I have to take for the next five years can damage bones. 
Both were good results. Which in itself was such a relief and yes a surprise! 
We have been worried about my bones. I have had 11 breaks in the past four years, a bit over the top..... even for me! 
 Broken heel in July 2009,arm broken in three places and a hip in July 2010. A hip replacement replaced in July 2013, and now this leg broken in five places. 
We know I have osteoporosis and assumed with this latest severe break that my bones must be deteriorating . So to be told that there has been no loss of density since the last scan six years ago was a great relief.
I saw my wonderful orthopaedic consultant, Steve Mannion,  on Wednesday and he is very happy with the way the plate in the leg is healing and bone growing! So all good.
 Now, you've guessed it, we go home to our beautiful family on the October 20... two week's today!
 The children and staff are all coming to meet us at Mombasa airport. We just love it. It’s all laughter and tears.
 As we come through the arrival doors I shout Happy House Kids and there is a rush of happy smiling faces, mine is the one with the tears!
 Everyone has something to tell or show Mama and Papa. There is lots of singing, drums and tambourines resound through the airport. 
We blocked the area  last time, where people were trying to pass, so the security man came saying to the children, come on come on now, go back behind the barrier. Oscar, six at the time, looked up and said to the man, ‘But My Mama has come home’
 We speak to the children on Skype every week.They are planning  party for us. Margaret told us there is going to be a dance competition between Mama & Papa.
I must remember to learn how to spin my walking stick ! 
Papa said, ‘Margaret you know I am the best dancer and will win’. She looked directly at him and said in no uncertain terms, ‘Mama WILL win’  
Oh yes GIRL POWER !!
 Musyoka came on Skype to say, Mama we are learning a special song for you. Well there was such an uproar, he looked over his shoulder at 86 kidz telling him to shut up! He definitely panicked. 
He looked back at the screen saying, no Mama we are not learning a song !
Dave asked what we will be having to eat at the party, Musyoka trying to recover said ‘I don’t know’. Dave asked,’ Will Mama be having a cake for her birthday?’’ I don’t know’ he replied as he took another cautious glance over his shoulder at the family, to make sure he was safe!
 Our family is the same as all families, just a bit bigger than most.
 We have a busy time until be fly home and are already well ahead with our packing..  On October 16  it is my birthday, so pleased to get to another one!!  We are having open house at our apartment in Poulton Le Fylde in the afternoon for cake and a cuppa for anyone who wants to call in. 
 On October 18, we are have a Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme awareness the Marriot Hotel in Preston from 4-6 pm. It is a free event with refreshments. 
If you are free and want to know more about our children and definitely the Scholarship Scheme that is giving the gift of an education to 20 children. We desperately need sponsors for these children and also so we can extend the scheme for more children to be able to walk the road out of poverty through education.
 If you require any information regarding sponsoring one of the Happy House Kidz or our Scholarship children please do not hesitate to contact me, Mama Sue, or Elizabeth, our Voluntary UK coordinator,
Thank you to everyone who has supported us during our time here, it was greatly needed and truly appreciated.
 Love & best wishes,
 Mama Sue Papa Dave & The Happy House Family xxx
 We do need numbers for the Dr Danwata event  so please, if you are coming,  let us know and drop me, or Elizabeth, an email if you plan to pop in on my birthday and would like my address in Poulton.