Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mama and Papa arrive home and all is well

This was the moment Mama set eyes on her family after a three month separation.
With her children in sight, all was well in her world once again.
With devoted Papa by her side, they were greeted by songs, smiles and hugs of happiness from all the children and staff who had left Watamu at daybreak for the two hour journey to Mombasa airport.
Greeting Uncle Billy
It's guaranteed that the airport will not have seen anything like it, not since the Mama and Papa's homecoming last year!
Being apart while Mama's leg has been healing, under the watchful eye of orthopaedic surgeon Steve Mannion, has been hard for Mama, Papa and all the family.
While Mama and Papa kept busy, met up with lots of friends and made the most of every moment working, with Auntie Libby, to raise funds and awareness,  every single minute away from home has pulled at their heartstrings,
Mama, in daily Skype calls to Uncle Billy, our social worker and general manager, and our administrator, Auntie Rose,  has stayed in touch with the daily running of the Happy House and school, and she and Papa have talked to the children every week for Kidz Club.

But pictures on a screen are a poor substitute for real smiles, real hugs and for the feel of a little hand slipping into hers.
Who should be the first to run up to Mama but Linus ... who rushes to her office every day after school to say hello and to see if there's a biscuit left over from mid-afternoon tea!
Then, one by one,  every child  and every member of staff welcomed Mama and Papa back home.
After a joyful reunion it was time to board the buses for the journey back to Watamu, with a very welcome stop on the way for refreshing sodas all round!
Mama and Papa, pinching themselves to make sure this was really happening, they were really home, laughed and smiled as they caught up with all the news, seeing whose grown the most or lost/gained teeth!
For our new children and scholarship students, this was the first time they had been on such an outing making it so exciting.
Mama says: "We had a wonderful homecoming, as always. The kids were so excited. 
The scholarship kids also came. It has been like a transformation with them. When they first came I think they thought we were all a bit soft how we sing and do things, but now most the them and our Janet sang a song and the big boys really went for it, it was wonderful to see.
The little ones wanted to cuddle, I know they have really missed us. 
It is sooooo good to be home"
Once back at the Happy House a party awaited.
The tables were laid, more sodas served, along with a delicious lunch of chicken pilau.
Everyone tucked in.
After lunch,  the celebrations continued with singing and dancing. Our kids certainly know how to do both!
To complete the day came the cake. Much to the delight of one little boy in particular.
With his Mama and Papa home, and a plate cake in his hand, the smile on the face of our Linus says it CAN have your cake and eat it, too!