Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meeting Mama and Papa - by Evans and Francis

Travelling to Mombasa Airport to meet their Mama and Papa as they arrived home from the UK was a great event for our children.
Today's Junior Bloggers, Evans and Francis report:

Evans writes: Hello, we were very happy that our mama and papa were coming back home from the UK.
They were there more than three months, we are very happy because we have missed them. 
We has various activities that we rehearsed for their coming.
 Everybody was looking forward to meet them at the airport on October 21, that was on Tuesday.
We were  glad to see them back again. We know that they will be having new ideas that will help everybody in the family. We love them very much.

Francis on the front row singing for Mama and Papa
Lots of love from Evans
Francis takes up the story:
It was on Tuesday morning when we arrived at Mombasa airport.
We were very happy that we were going to Mombasa airport to pick Mama Sue and Papa.
When we arrived at Mombasa airport we saw Mama and Papa in the airport.
We sang for mama and papa and they were very happy to see their kids.
Uncle Billy went and took the Toyota Noah to pick MAMA and PAPA. 
It was a nice day to see Mama and Papa. 
When we were coming back to home we went and took some soda with Mama and Papa at Lambada in Mtwapa.
We all went to the vehicles and we went back home.
We ate some  chicken, pilau and cake.
We ate our lunch peacefully and we break.
We had a birthday.
It was Francis’s birthday and Salama’s birthday and Mwende's birthday.
Lots of love, Francis.
*Tomorrow our blog will have video of the family meeting Mama and Papa. It was a joyful and noisy occasion ... don't miss it!