Wednesday, 8 October 2014

School Report: From ball games to books

It been another busy week in school and  Madam Rose highlights some of the activities in today's School Report:
Our collection of educational dvds open up a whole wide world for our children and our Class 7 pupils have been enjoying learning about wildlife from the collection on wildlife from naturalist David Attenborough .
 The dvds are used to reinforce topics they have been studying in class.
In their library lesson with Teacher Catherine, Class 4 pupils chose and red storybooks which they then reviewed.
Budding artists in playgroup and baby class got busy painting with Teacher Sarah. They enjoyed practical lesson, painting a cat, water melon and an apple. 
They created some lovely paintings which we know they will cherish.
Our nursery school kids got active on the  field playing football with Teacher Helen . 
They have such fun taking part in sports which help them develop physically as well as as well as improving their balance, coordination and social skills,