Wednesday, 29 October 2014

School Report: Heroes day and heroes return!

Madam Russell brings us this week's report from our school:
Everything in school is going well .
The eighth week of term  began with a public holiday, and a day off school. 
It was Mashujaa day. “Mashujaa” is a Kiswahili word meaning hero .
This day is celebrated to remember the heroes and heroines who fought during independence.
Our lower classes pupils  had a privilege of hosting Allegra School pupils l for a  friendly football match. 
Our girls scored 1 -0 while the boys scored 1-0, so at the final whistle Happy House was crowned the winner.Then we celebrated the long-awaited day, Mama and Papa were coming home. Jubilation, jubilation, jubilation. Everybody was happy to welcome them back. We wish them well. 
Pictures: Top: Girls teams, below: boy teams. Right: Rose Chai in action.