Thursday, 9 October 2014

Forging friendship with Kirkham Grammar

We are so looking forward to forging links between our Happy House and historic Lancashire school, Kirkham Grammar.
Yesterday, Mama Sue and Elizabeth went in to make a presentation to the senior school assembly when Mama spoke about how our children come to our family, the hardships they have endured,  and of how they and our Dr Danwata Scholarship students really value the chance of an education.
They showed a video in which two of our Dr Danwata scholars tell their own stories and speak of how now, thanks to Happy House, they have a chance to achieve their ambitions - one to be a doctor and the other, a vet.
Headmaster, Richard Laithwaite,  told the assembly that the Happy House was exactly the kind of charity they should be supporting and that the intention is, initially, to sponsor four Happy House children - one for each school house.
And to the raise funds to cover this there would be a non-uniform day on Friday, October 17,
We are thrilled and delighted with this wonderful commitment from  Kirkham Grammar School and Elizabeth will be going into school at lunchtime on the 17th so students can chat to her, informally, about our family and ask any questions they may have.
Thank you to Mr Laithwaite, charities organiser, Sue John, and to all the school for making us so welcome and for extending the hand of friendship to our family.
Pictured: Headmaster Richard Laithwaite; pupil Jacob O'Hare who visited Happy House this summer, Mama Sue and charities organiser, Susan John.