Monday, 13 October 2014

Birthday boy Stevie is five

Time to catch up with our latest birthday child.
Stevie has just celebrated his fifth birthday.
It is lovely to watch our little ones growing up, Stevie was such a tot when he came to us in 2010.
He was a poorly little boy, but Mama and her team got him all the help he needed to make him well.
He was also a shy little chap, and while he might look a little solemn on his birthday picture, he's far from shy or solemn these days.
He's a fully fledged member of Papa's Bash Street Kids, a cheeky band little ones, all around the same age, who have grown up together and get up to all kinds of mischief. Smiles are much more the name of his game as you can see from the second picture.
Stevie has three older brothers with him at the Happy House, Fikiri, Katana and Baraka.
Happy birthday, Stevie, we hope there was something nice inside the bag, Madam Milka had the honour of presenting to you!