Thursday, 30 October 2014

Laptops land safely!

They started their journey in Burnley, Lancashire, and just over a week later arrived at the Happy House.
The five reconditioned and good-as-new laptops have been very kindly donated by Keith Cotterill of CC Communications.
Keith and his company, a specialist in Education IT, in are good friends of Terry Burns, chairman of Furniture for Education Worldwide, who have done so much to help us over the past four years.
Keith offered the computers after hearing about the Happy House from Terry who brought them over to Blackpool for Mama and Papa to take back with them.
They were carefully packed into suitcases by our expert packer, Papa,  and happily survived the flight back home.
We are so grateful, they will be a wonderful addition to our school computer room.
Mama has always been committed to giving our children the best, and ensuring they learn IT skills from an early age is high on her agenda.