Thursday, 26 June 2014

The real World Cup Winner - Harry

Happy birthday Harry ... our world cup winner!
Harry, found newborn and eight weeks premature, on a rubbish dump in Malindi four years ago was only discovered because a normally busy street was quiet.
Everyone had congregated in bars and cafes to watch a World Cup match, and there was so little traffic that Harry's guardian angel, Warda,  heard the tiny rustle of a carrier bag as she walked passed the tip.
She was compelled to look inside the bag and, to her surprise, found our Harry.
He was such a tiny, poorly baby, but after eight weeks in hospital, with Happy House providing all the milk, medicines, nappies, clothes and love that he needed, he came home to our family and has thrived ever since.
Harry Hayward, four today,  is growing strong and tall, enjoying school, and is a real little boy who is giving you a thumbs up after receiving his birthday gift from Papa.
No matter what the result of the 2014 tournament, there's one real all-time World Cup winner
And that's our Harry!