Sunday, 29 June 2014

A visit to hospital by Evans

Some of our little ones suffered such a severe bout of a sickness and diarrhoea virus, that they had to stay as in-patients at
Dr Arulla's clinic to get them rehydrated. When anyone is poorly, everyone shows concern  for them.
Evans, this week's blogger, writes:

Some of the little kids were sick so when they were taken to the hospital the doctor said that they were really sick so they could not come home the same day and needed treatment.
 It was sad that they couldn’t come home but we knew that they will get well.
The names of the kids are Amani, Esther and James. They were hospitalized on Friday till Saturday.
So on Saturday Uncle Billy came and he said if we could go and see the babies. Everybody was willing to go and see the babies. 
We started the journey to the hospital when we reached the hospital we were directed to the room where the kids were.
 We entered the room  when we saw them we were excited to see them and they were much better.
Everybody was glad and we took them home. 
We were very happy that they were back home to join with the rest of the family

Lots of love from Evans Hamisi