Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My fantastic family, by Mama

Janet qualifying for her national athletics debut prompted a celebration.  Mama writes:
Saturday is my "Savourite Day", as Oscar used to sing when he was little instead of Today Is my Favourite Day. 
Papa Dave and I  love to go to Happy House just relax and chat with the children.
I have missed my Savourite Day so much since I broke my leg, but on Saturday we were determined to be at home with the  children. 
When Janet came to see me with the great news that she has qualified for the National athletics in 4 by 100 metres relay race I said we should have ice cream for all the family to  celebrate.
I also asked for a cake to be made as we were uncertain that ice cream would be available. Luckily, Papa found some at Mama Lucy's Supermarket and bought it all, with 85 kidz and staff we needed the lot.
We all had a lovely morning with ice cream and cake. Janet was so proud to cut her cake as we all sang Hooray for Janet. 
The children sang all my favourite songs saying it would stop my leg hurting. It worked !! 
What a fantastic family.
Love Mama