Wednesday, 11 June 2014

School report: Athletics success and KG keep fit

It's sports news that takes the top spot in this week's report from Happy House School.
Madam Gettry reports
Recently, we took 15 pupils to Gede Primary School for sub-zonal athletics competition.
Three participants were selected for the next level, the zonals
They are: Janet Medza (Std 7,100m an relay; Mercy Karisa (Std 6, relay); Thwaiba Abudalla (std 6, relay).
The zonals are at Kijiwe Tanga Primary School. 
KG 2 enjoyed being out on the Happy house field with teacher Madam Gettry for a Physical Education lesson.They started with press-ups led by teacher Steve then a singing game with their teacher, Md Gettry.
Madam Gettry's has also had some interesting lessons in science on water and sources of water.
One pupil, Melisi Garama read out the sources of water drawn on the board as others responded.