Friday, 27 June 2014

A new baby ... and a Buddy for Uncle Billy

 Our family has a new arrival, a beautiful baby boy.
After the sadness of the loss of our much-loved Athman,  we were all lifted by the news that the newborn baby, found abandoned, some days ago and who we have been supporting in hospital, was now ready to come home.
Mama writes: "Last week we were a very sad family with the loss of our Athman, then this week we are welcoming a new baby boy home.
The children were so excited when he arrived. 
We told them a new brother was coming and he was five minutes away, immediately they started singing our Welcome song and continued until he arrived. 
Safe in Mama's arms, and in Jedida's
The Happy House family all  crowded around the car as Florence tried to get out holding their new brother.
 Everyone wanted to be the first to see and hold him. 
The children were singing and laughing, it was such a special moment.
 He was handed to me, so tiny and fragile. 
All  the children wanted  to see  him and touch to his tiny hands and little legs, there was ooh’s and aah’s all round. When he gripped someone’s finger there were shrieks of delight.
Uncle Billy's new Buddy
Our new baby was found in some woodland over a week ago weighing 1.7kg he is now 2kg.
He will soon flourish as we weave our Happy House magic around this lovely lucky little person.
 I have named him Patrick, after Uncle Billy’s much loved brother who was killed in a car crash six years ago.
 Billy speaks of him often, always something they  laughed about together either as children or when they were grown men sharing a joke. 
Patrick's nickname was Buddy, so this will also be our  Patrick's name at home.
As no one will ever know for certain when he was born, our Buddy's official birthday is June 2.
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