Friday, 13 June 2014

Sickness bug takes its toll

A viral infection has caused misery to some of our little one.
The first to get it were Esther, Peter, Paul, Neema  and Ndoro who started with diarrhoea and sickness one morning this week,immediately after breakfast, 
" They threw up in such quick succession it was as if they were in competition," said Uncle Billy.
While they were being comforted and cared for, encouraged to take plenty of fluids, Amani, Baraka, Mourine and James started with the same symptoms.
But for Amani and James the effects were much worse.
Uncle Billy adds:"They were getting weaker by the minute because of dehydration, so they went to the doctor who told us there is an outbreak in the area mostly affecting the under fives and that it is causing great concern and worry, and prescribed just medicine they needed.
"Because our Happy House kids are lucky to get all the proper medication and follow-up they soon pick up and we get our happy healthy kids back.
"They are all now happily back in school, not that Ndoro was feeling very happy about having his picture taken!"