Sunday, 8 June 2014

Exam time: I did my best, by Mercy

Mercy is today's Happy House junior blogger and she is writing about the recent structured examination. Usually in exams children have the question and a choice  of four possible answers, but in the structured exam, they have just the question.The intention is to make pupils think about the answer and to eliminate guesswork!
Mercy writes:
We did the exam last week.
Which  didn’t have any answers  and  it was my first  time  for  me,  in the upper primary, to do structured questions.
We were tested in all the things we have covered
I did my  best.
In  our  schools  even the other  schools   starting  class four  until class  eight  they  did  that exam  of  structured.
It is good to have  that   exam   because   it  reminds  us what we  have been learning   through  the  year 
Love from Mercy