Wednesday, 4 June 2014

School report: KG fun and primary sports

Happy House School Report this week comes from teacher Madam Hellen:
Learning is fun and interactive in our Happy House classrooms.
KG 2 have been learning about domestic animals and they are pictured here learning a about donkeys, meanwhile KG3 was learning about the weather and here they are studying weather symbols with their teacher.
The primary school children competed in the inter-school sports at Watamu Primary School.
We had 34 students competing in various activities . Janet Menza and Twaiba Abdalla (a Danwata Scholar) represented Happy House in the girls 100 metres. 
In the boys 100 metres, Nasir Juma in class 7 and Katana Ngari in class 6, both Danwata Scholars, were our contenders.
Rose Chai and Jane Juma took part in long races and in long jump Janet Menza and  Danwata Scholar Emmaculate Neema.
In walking race we had Evans Hamisi as our contestant..
In javelin we had Nasir Juma represented us and in shot put, Katana Ngari .
Mr.Steve our coach  had the task of recording the points.
After the competition, we were very happy because 15 of our team members were selected to represent us to the sub-zonal competition which will be held at Gede Primary school.
Well done to all of you!