Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Smiles speak volumes

Simply magic ...
We will never tire of showing pictures of happy, smiling children, because that's how it works at the Happy House. 
They come to us as sad, frightened and worried little beings, carrying the weight of the world on their weary shoulders, and then our magic gets to work.
Safe and loved, they go to sleep in a bed and wake up to a breakfast, certain in the knowledge that there will be three nourishing meals every day.
  They make friends, go to school , have their own clothes, uniform and shoes.
 Now  they are never alone, need never be sad and always have someone to praise when they do well, encourage when they struggle and to listen when they need to talk. 
Our children are surrounded by people who care -  our wonderful Mama and Papa, uncles and aunties, all of whom put the interests of the children first.
With hope in their hearts, the children's smiles come, just as they have for our most recent arrivals, Victoria, 13, and six-month-old  Abdulmalik..
Please can you help?
Taking part in local events and fundraising in the UK requires that we have public liability insurance.
This will cost in the region of £150 for a year and we are appealing to individuals or businesses to sponsor this for us,
If you can help, please contact Elizabeth Gomm, our voluntary UK coordinator, on 07905 130 589 or email elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net
Thank you.