Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy to be a Happy House kid - by Musyoka

Going to church is a time to celebrate the good things in their lives as this week's junior blogger, Musyoka, tells us.
Musyoka ,with his younger sister and brother, Mwende and Francis, was one of the first children to join our family in 2010. He writes:
Every Sunday we go to church ,we go to church to pray,
Sing and dance when it is Sunday, everybody is happy because it is the day that that we go to church.
I am happy to be a Happy House kid I came in Happy House so that I could learn all things.
Mama Sue is a kind mama she came to get us from a bad place and brought us to a good place.
 Today we have gone to church to praise the Lord, we will never forget the one who brought in a place like this.