Monday, 2 June 2014

Fall grounds Mama

A fall at home put Mama Sue in hospital where she underwent surgery to mend five fractures in her femur.
Mama slipped on some water in her kitchen early on Wednesday morning - her day off- while she was busy getting ready for the day ahead.
After seeing a doctor in Malindi, she was referred to a orthopaedic specialist in Mombasa
Everyone at the Happy House has rallied round to support Mama and a shocked Papa Dave, who has never left her side.
Positive as ever, Mama said: “I’d thought “I will put my best white trousers on today”  by the time I was put to bed in Mombasa I looked like Robinson Crusoe and, where they’d kept cutting a bit more and a bit more of my trousers. First to see the damaged knee then to compare!
Hey Ho, more fun in the sun!”
Now Mama, who will be non-weight bearing for eight weeks, is recovering at home where the kids, who missed her so much when she was exiled here in the UK for medical treatment,  will be able to visit in groups and to see for themselves how their beloved Mama is doing.
Their smiles, and their love, will be just the tonic she needs.
We know all our friends, around the world, will be sending their love to Mama and  Papa and will be wishing her a very speedy recovery.
Meanwhile, Auntie Libby is off out into Blackpool to treat her some new white trousers!