Sunday, 18 May 2014

Helping in the kitchen - by Samson

Samson is a very helpful young man, as we find out from his blog today:
I was helping Uncle Josphat to wash plates, spoon and cups in the kitchen,
I  wash them  using  soap and a super brush to wash  the plate.
Uncle Josphat told  Baraka to call Samson and Hassan to help him to make breads and cake which we like to do,
On Monday evening  it was ugali and beans. The ugali was good  and beans they were very sweet so all the Happy House family they enjoyed the supper food.
They had a nice time on  the day when Aunty Libby was going back to UK we had beak cake and kept it cream and we wrote Aunty Libbys name on the cake and the cake was very sweet we loved cake and juice.
 I like helping in the kitchen.