Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fond farewell to Auntie Fab

It's always sad when a friend has to go home, and everyone was sorry to say goodbye to Auntie Fab.
Fabiola Matute , from Mexico, has been volunteering with our family for three months, most of it alongside her best friend Aleka Quintana who left a couple of weeks ago.
They have made such a difference in their time with us, doing much to help in the baby banda and in school.
Baby Athman has come on leaps and bounds thanks to their intensive efforts and exercising.
Fab and Ally donated 1220,000 Kenya Shillings to the Happy House and Mama decided to spend it on tiling the kitchen surfaces which will make them much easier to keep clean and chose the tiles so that Fab could see them before she left to go on to Rwanda with her boyfriend,  Alejandro Alex who had flown into Kenya to join her.
Everyone gathered to say goodbye, and to enjoy some delicious ice cream.
Thank you Fab and Ally for being such wonderful volunteers and friends. We'll miss you!