Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our donkey - by Evans

Evans brushing Mary.
Our donkeys were a very welcome addition to our family when they were given to Mama as a gift. Today our junior blogger, Evans, tells you more about them.
I am writing a blog about donkeys. We very lucky that our Happy House Family is a lovely family.
Last year,  one of the visitors who came at the Happy House she promised mama a present during the Christmas.
When the Christmas came the visitor brought the young donkeys.
When  we saw the donkeys we were excited and mama was excited, too,  because it was her present we promised her we will take care of them and then we were told  we will  give them nice names. The female is called Mary and the male is called Joseph.
Christmas gift for Mama
We are very happy because the small babies will ride on them. 
We are training them so that they can not hurt the young children and they are good. 
We love our donkeys so much.

Lots of love from
Evans Hamisi