Thursday, 22 May 2014

Celebrating life with memories and cake

It was the death of Sue's beloved dad that led her to Kenya and the start of the incredible journey which culminated with the creation of her wonderful Happy House family.
Mama with birthday girl Janet
When Harold Heyes died suddenly, Sue was devastated and eight months later, fearing she would have a breakdown, Dave took her to Kenya for a holiday. 
Sue's beloved  dad
The rest is, as they say, history.
Tuesday was the 15th anniversary of his death and Mama has decided to honour his memory by making it an  annual Celebration of Life.
Top: Billy, Coral and birthday boy Said
Mama talked her idea over with her team who agreed  that as all our children, including ur Dr Danwata Scholars, have experienced loss in their, it would be a good way to remember loved ones as a family, to share memories and to  talk about the importance of life lived well.
At a special Kidz Club , Mama Sue spoke affectionately about the loving father who was such an influence on her growing up, and who remains a constant source of inspiration to her still.
She also shared with them the story of Papa's tough childhood growing up, one of 11 children, in a very poor family in a Yorkshire mining village. His father was sick man and money was hard to come by, but his wonderful  and kind mum made up for everything they lacked materially with an abundance of love and happiness.
Others shared their stories of loss and love -  Uncle Billy of his dad,  Auntie Coral of her husband, and Uncle Isaac of his older brother.
It was a time of fond  memories, but with the emphasis on the celebration of life ... and two birthdays brought this into sharp focus as everyone sang Happy Birthday to Said and to Janet.
And no celebration at the Happy House is complete without cake, and the family all enjoyed a slice of cake and a bottle of soda.