Friday, 9 May 2014

Andrea's birthday gift will go on giving

Andrea and  Natasha
Kind hearted Andrea Manders' birthday gift from her family and friends will ensure a Happy House education for a needy girl.
Celebrating her 50th birthday and the completion of her year-long treatment for breast cancer, Andrea asked for donations to the Happy House instead of  presents.
And her family and friends gave generously, to the tune of £1456 which, at Andrea's request, will support the education of one of our Dr Danwata Scholarship girl students for four years.
Mama named the scholarships for  Dr Danwata  the oncologist who treated her at Blackpool Victoria Hospital's Breast Care Unit. He was also Andrea's consultant there.
Andrea  has been supporting the work of the Happy House since 2009, when it was still under construction, and she is in Natasha's sponsor family.
Andrea with her husband Paul
Being a part of our family has brought her many new friends and she and Lesley Pidcock, who also sponsors Natasha, have become such good pals they had been planning a 2014 visit the Happy House   with their daughters, Elena Manders and Kathryn Pidock,  to celebrate Andrea's 50th and Kathryn's 18th,  but were forced to put their plans on hold because of Andrea's illness.
Now they will make their trip next year when  Andrea is looking forward to meeting Natasha and all our family,
By coincidence, Andrea and Natasha's birthdays are  just two days apart. 
Our picture of Natasha (with Uncle Billy) celebrating her birthday at Kids Club shows her clutching a gift from Andrea!
Andrea with her party guests 
 Andrea is delighted her birthday will make a difference to a girl striving to learn and so thankful to all her family and friends for their donations, but also for the love and support they have given her over the last 12 months.
Many, many, thanks  for being a wonderful friend to our family, Andrea, for all you do to support us and for the love you show for Natasha. Another big thank you to every one who donated.