Sunday, 11 May 2014

My guitar passion - by Margaret

Since having a guitar lesson with Jon Gomm,  a world renowned musician, back in February, Margaret has kept on playing - helped by of the books and dvds he has sent out  to the Happy House to help the kids enjoy the two guitars he bought for them to share.
Margaret tells us:
"Today's  guest blogger is Margaret and I want to talk about  the guitar lesson.
When Uncle Jon came to Happy House he taught me about guitar.
He sounded lovely,  he played his guitar very well and I wished I could play like him. 
When I started playing the guitar I thought it is difficult instrument to play but now that I am starting to know to play the guitar I am very happy.
I could not have done it, if it could not be for Uncle Jon.
Thank you for everything you are doing for me Uncle Jon so that I may continue learning to play the guitar .
I am very happy that maybe playing the guitar can be one of my dreams in my life .
I am very pleased.
Hugs love and kisses."