Wednesday, 14 May 2014

School report: Busy time ahead

This week's Happy House School Report looks ahead to what's on for our children this term. Mr Mdachi reports:
This school term is 14 weeks of learning.
And key this term is athletics with serious  training already started in our school.
On the side of athletics , we are intending to take  our children to the zona and, district level and have hopes of achieving up to national level.
Areas that we are going to participate in the athletics include : relay races, 100 metes, long jump, high jump, tug of war and javelin among others.
In the side of the curriculum activities we started as we mean to continue with serious learning from the first day of opening.
Class 6, 7 and 8 are going to have a District common wake-up exam and our children are serious revising for this
exam with the help of their teachers so as to maintain the Happy House power. 
Class 5 children went into the grounds  (right) from  a Kiswahili practical lesson in the importance of plants and trees with the help of  gardener, Uncle Thuva.
The children learnt so many things in the importance of trees. The lesson was interesting and enjoyable and learners used all their senses in the learning process.