Friday, 2 May 2014

African safari in Blackpool

 African safari is a topic this half term for Year 5 children at Blackpool's Boundary Primary School, Grange Park,   so teacher Kathryn Dodgson asked Elizabeth Gomm go in to tell them about our Happy House and the lives of children in Kenya.
After introducing them to Mama, Papa and  family with a video, she showed them some of the local area and explained how hard life can be for people in a country where so many live in poverty.
In two sessions with both classes in Year 4 and Year 5, the children had lots of questions to ask and were really touched by the extreme hardship our children have come from, and thrilled to see they now have a lovely home with lots of brothers and sisters and a nice school.
They also enjoyed trying out some of the everyday Kenyan items Libby took along.
By the time she left, she was Auntie Libby at Boundary too!