Sunday, 25 May 2014

A visit to Milano - by Daniela

The supermarket chain Milano opened a branch in Malindi last year, making it much easier to get many items and a trip to the store is also a source of adventure for our older kids, as Daniela tells us with a colourful turn of phrase:
I want to talk about a visit to Milano. It was on a bright shining morning when birds were singing their sweet melodies that I rushed to the frogs kingdom (the bathroom) the water was as cold as ice. I went to my room and put on my clothes.
I went and ate my breakfast.
In  a spur of a moment,  I heard  mama coming ,when she arrived we went and greeted her .
Mama told is that we were going to Milano. My heart melted with joy like butter exposed to the heat.
Mama Sue told us that we must be smart, all the people were beautiful  dressed and they looked spick and span.
We all went to the matatu and our journey began. Within a twinkle of an eye we had reached  Milano. When we were going to enter Milano everyone looked at us as if we were made of a mahogany tree, we decided to give them a cold shoulder. 
We  were looking  for a music system  so we can play our music, we found one
and it was beautiful. Mama  Sue asked us if we should take this one and we said “yes please”.
We came home with it, it is fantastic to have it.
Lots of love from Daniela.