Wednesday, 28 May 2014

School report: Book joy, sports and exams

 School Report this week comes from Happy House School manager,  Madam Rose:
Mock exams were on the agenda for Classes 6 and 7, as they are key to preparation for the District Examinations to come and for setting pupil targets.
Books brought smiles to our Dr Danwata Scholarship students, when teachers handed them the text books they will need for revision for exams in their personal study time and at home.
Being so well equipped to study  is so valued by these young people who are trying so hard in their studies and who are looking forward to the challenge of examinations.
It was also start up week for the athletics competitions and  Happy House invited nearby Bright Academy to gauge their strength.
When the contest ended Happy House emerged with 166 points against 135 points.
The friendly contest was fun for everyone and activities which took place were tug of war 100M, 200M, and relays.
Pictures: Top left: Madam Rose and Mr Isaac giving out text books to Rasoah and Diana. 
Top left: Mr Isaach hands books to Juma and Mtwali.
Larrge pic: Top from left: Class Six in exams and, righ, Class Seven. Bottom: Tug of war v Bright Academy and Hassan romps home to finish the 100m.