Thursday, 8 May 2014

Our family wins new friends

 Year 9 students at St Bede's Catholic High School, Lytham, are all fired up to help raise money for our Happy House family after a visit from  Elizabeth Gomm.
Elizabeth was invited to be a guest speaker at the Year 9 assembly when their subject was the importance of being "Green" and protecting our precious world.
Elizabeth showed a short presentation highlighting all the ways the Happy House protects the environment by being green and telling the story of one of our children, Victoria, an orphan, whose grandfather struggles make a meagre livelihood by going collecting used plastic bottles to sell to recyclers.
 He brought Victoria to the Happy House in the hope of getting her a free-place Dr Danwata Scholarship in our school, but when Mama heard of their extreme hardship she offered the child both a home and schooling.
The old man, a carer who had no hope of providing for the child he loves, was overwhelmed with gratitude.
The St Bede's staff and students were both moved and inspired by the way children's lives are being transformed.
Many thanks to Aaran Cassidy, Rebecca Cole and Jagger Bamber for working the technology, and to Lucy Banks to introduced Elizabeth and Luc Cougara who led the prayer.
Special thanks to teacher Clare James for bringing the Happy House into school  and who will be taking the fundraising forward.
Pictures: Top: Elizabeth with Lucy and right: Clare James with Rebecca, Aaran and Jagger.
Kirkham talk
The Mothers' Union at St Micheal's Church, Kirkham, were wonderful audience when Elizabeth introduced them our amazing family.
They really took Mama, Papa and the children to their hearts as they heard how Mama had turned her dream of creating a uniquely special home for vulnerable children into a reality.
A collection and raffle (organised by teacher Joanne Rossall whose class at St Aidan's Preesall are in Linus' sponsor  family) resulted in £101 for our family.
Thank you ladies for your kindness.