Wednesday, 21 May 2014

School report: Weaving and storytelling

 In the weekly news from Happy House School, Madam Sarah reports:
Weaving ropes is one of the topics on the syllabus for our Class four pupils this term so they took part in a practical lesson when Madam Milka showed them how it is done.
It was something they all found interesting and enjoyable.
Coral Blackhurst, a volunteer who is Auntie Coral to the Happy House family, helps a great deal in our nursery school and the baby class always have fun listening to her telling a story which she combines with singing songs.
We really appreciate the work done by the volunteers who assist us teachers in delivering school programmes.
Pictures: Top:  Juanita ,Joy, Tonia and Musyoka weaving 
Above right: Madam Milka, Darren Mali and Joy  weaving ropes as directed by their teacher.
Above left: Maxwell and Bencarson also enjoying the lesson.
Left: Auntie Coral's storytelling lesson.