Wednesday, 30 April 2014

School report: Teachers get ahead

The new term starts next week, so it is a busy time for our teachers as Madam Rose reports:
As it is the last week of the holidays, teachers are busy preparing the records of work for each class.
These records include schemes of work showing a detailed plan of lessons to be taught and dividing the topics to be covered to ensure that the syllabus is completed in the required time.
The teachers also have time in the computer room to hone their computer skills and to learn new applications. 
This is so important as PC Roms we have covering maths, English and science require teachers to know how to use a computer properly, so Mr Omoi, our computer teacher, is giving us lessons.
 Pictures: above, Madam Rose at work with Mr Omoi giving assistance in the background..
Above right:Class 1 teacher Madam Maggy,  Class 2 teacher Madam Tanui, Class 3 teacher Madam Russel, Class 7 teacher Mr Isaac and Class 6 teacher Madam Milka.