Monday, 28 April 2014

Bike ride to romance

Organising an epic charity bike ride for the Happy House has put Chris O’Hare on the road to romance.
Chris was out training for Wheelers for Watamu Coast to Coast Cycle Ride, when he was stopped in his tracks by cycling enthusiast, Gabriella Gratrix.
“We had both gone to meet up with a lot of others to go for a long ride, got talking about the Coast to Coast and it started from there. We have been seeing each other ever since,” said Chris.
 They are such an item that Gabriella has signed up for the one-day  150 mile marathon cycle ride from Whitby to Blackpool , along with 30 members and friends of Poulton Wheelers, on June 14.
Gabriella will  also joining Chris and his son Jacob,14, when they go out to the Happy House to volunteer this summer.
Chris, said: “When I started planning the Coast to Coast, I was feeling a bit down my luck and thought it would give me the strength I need to get my life back on track, as well as helping other people much less fortunate than me. I never imagined I’d meet such a wonderful woman and be having so much fun!
 “Now we are out training together in all weathers.  Coast to coast in a day is a real challenge as you have to cycle through the Pennines so we are doing lots of hill training.”
 Dancer and costume maker, Gabriella, said: “Chris and I get on so well, and are both passionate about cycling. Now everyone is asking when we are getting a tandem!”
 They are hoping the Coast to Coast ride will raise saddlebags full of money for the Happy House and are being supported by Kirkham Grammar School where Jacob is a pupil, and by Vin Hamer, landlord of the Thatched House, Poulton, who is a member of Poulton Wheelers. The Orchid Group, owners of the Thatched, has made a donation of £250.
You can support Wheelers for Watamu challenge by making a donation online at
Pictures; top,Chris O’Hare and Fiona.
above: Fiona, Vin Hamer (landlord of the Thatched House), Chris and Jacob O’Hare.