Monday, 7 April 2014

Super Saturday

It was party time for the family on Saturday morning.
As volunteer Alejandra Quintana and Fabiola Matute are coming to the end of their three months at the Happy House, and Mama's oldest friend Joan Ottley is setting off for home, it was a party to say a special thank you to them all.
Auntie Joan bought ice-cream for everyone, and the kids enjoyed party games, dancing and had great fun smashing their way to the treats inside the pinatas made by Auntie Ally and Auntie Far.
Ally and Far, from Mexico, wanted to bring a flavour of homeland to the celebrations and had made the pinatas with help from the kids!
The children also sang Mama's favourite song, with they learnt specially for her, Michael Jackson's I Can't Stop Loving You.
And they sing it with such love that no one is in any doubt that they mean every word.
Everyone will be sorry to say goodbye to our friends.
Ally leaves this week, while Far has until the end of the month.
Both have been fantastic helpers working in school with Fabiola, an investment bank, using her love and skill at maths to help bring on those pupils who were struggling a little, and helping our scholarship students.
Ally too has helped with extra coaching , and both have been supporting our staff wherever they can and the kids love them!
It has been lovely for Mama to have her friend Joan staying with her and to be able to introduce her family which has grown significantly since Joan's last visit.
Thank you all for coming, we hope you will take home memories you will treasure forever.
Football fun
With the party over by lunchtime, our older children soon had lunch and were ready for more action in the afternoon with a football match for our boys team against Gede Tigers at Watamu Primary School.
It was a tough fought game which ended in a goaless draw.
But the score wasn't important as everyone, players and spectators, really enjoyed themselves.