Monday, 21 April 2014

A gift from GetFIT

 A  £1000 to towards the cost of an additional inverter to power our solar energy system  has been raised by GetFIT, a Milan-based chain of fitness clubs.
Susanna Gregorgio, whose husband Livio Leardi is CEO and owner  of GetFIT, brought the donation to Mama Sue on her most recent visit to Watamu.
Susanna and Livio are guardians to Levian, a little boy they have took into their hearts after meeting him in a local children's home some years ago.  After seeing the wonderful work being done at the Happy House, and wanting the very best for Levian, they arranged with Mama for Levian to be part of our family, while they meet all the costs of his living expenses and education.
Susanna said: "We are proud to join together with the entire family of Happy House to help Mama Sue to create ambitious projects. Sport is a healthy lifestyle that fully combines the healthy aims of Happy House."
Thank you to Susanna (pictured with Levian and also with Papa wearing the t-shirt she brought him) and Livio and to all the members of GetFIT for their continued support.