Monday, 14 April 2014

Three little ones go home to mums

Ricky, Dulla and Rehema
Ready to board the our bus to go home after school are brother and sister, Rehema and Dulla and little Ricky.
The three children are now back living with their mums after being in our care for several months.
Both mums are on medication for terminal illness, but in the time their children have been looked after at the Happy House they have had a chance to get their medication on track, build themselves up and to get work.
Entirely unrelated, the mums have regularly visited their children who they missed greatly.
Rehema and Dulla’s mum has a job as a house help and Ricky’s mum is making an income from beadwork.
After ensuring  their mums can provide for them, and that everything was in place for the children to be in a safe and loving environments,  Mama and Uncle Billy agreed it was in the children’s best interests to be with their mothers.
Meanwhile, they continue to attend school and holiday club at the Happy House where we will provide free education, transport, uniform, books, meals and healthcare.
By continuing to come to Happy House for school and remaining a part of our family, we will see them every day and can monitor their situation very carefully to ensure it is working for the children, whose interests come above everything else, and always will.
All we do puts the children first and should the situation not work out then we can step in immediately.
Rehema and Dulla, like Ricky,  are now familiar with our family and should the time come that they need to live with our family, permanently or on a temporary basis, we will be here for them.
For now, we truly believe it is in their interests to be with the mums they love whilst remaining close to their Happy House brothers and sisters.
We are delighted the friends in their sponsor families will continue to support them. They will remain much loved members of  our family and  will keep their memory boxes in the office along with those of all their Happy House brothers and sisters so they can stay in touch just as you always have.