Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mama's little helper

David has always been a little star, but the more he grows the brighter he shines!
He's overcome so many hurdles in his first three years, never giving in and always smiling.
David, who was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome when he was 11 months old is such a happy little chap, and so helpful too.
After school every day, David and his Happy House brothers and sisters go back home and into their bedrooms to get changed out of their uniform ready to go and play.
David, keen to help and following the example of his older brothers and sisters, gathers up the dirty uniforms and toddles off to take them the laundry
He makes several journeys back and forwards until every last sock is in the wash.
And he is such a big help to all our Aunties, that Mama's given him a Star of the Week award as a special thank you from all the family.
Well done David.