Wednesday, 23 April 2014

School Report: Holiday club action

School manager, Madam Rose brings this week's School Report:
 Now the Easter bank holiday is over, our Happy House Holiday Club is back in full flow and our pupils are enjoying the activities we have on our programme.
In the mornings,  we look back over the last term and do some serious revision brushing up on any weaknesses and building on strengths. 
Then the rest of the day is taken up with fun activities including indoor games, computers, reading, and time telling games for primary pupils while the nursery children enjoy story telling, games, watching a dvd and computers. On Fridays, everyone goes swimming
Pictured are some of the nursery children watching a dvd about the Macarena song with the volunteer Aunty Mckenzie and  (top) Fikiri, Samson and Charo and (right) Rosemary enjoy a relaxing read..