Sunday, 6 April 2014

Keeping fit and fine - by Mercy

Lucinda and Mercy
Our junior blogger today is Mercy who looks forward to going out jogging:
Every Wednesday after school we have jogging and stretching. We go out for jogging  and when we are out  there we enjoy ourselves so much we like jogging because it makes us to be healthy and strong.
Our jogging teacher is Mr Steve  he how  knows how to train us in the following activities and also he set  a program for us  like on Monday we have a blog, Tuesday we have kids club, Wednesday  we have jogging and stretching, Thursday we have volley ball, Friday we have netball  and on Saturday we have football academy.
We thank our loving and caring Mama Sue for the good work she has done for us because we didn’t have some football shoes and training shoes, she did everything until we got the shoes and some sports clothes which they have been written on Happy House Sports.
When we go out for jogging  it is not a must people to ask us Where are you from? because it is  written at the back of our shirts.
Thank you  Mama Sue for the good thing  which you have done  may God bless you so much.