Wednesday, 16 April 2014

School report Term ends on a high note

 The school term came to and end with a closing day ceremony attended by parents, guardians and friends,
The children entertained the audience with poems, songs and short plays, including one about the parable of the prodigal son performed by Evans Khamisi and day pupil Faida Petersen. 
The children were well rehearsed for the programme they presented after giving a final rehearsal to Mama and uncle Billy who ensured that their items were polished to perfection.
During the morning Mama Sue addressed the assembly and told them of her delight introducing a scholarship scheme to enable some of the most needy in the community to attend our school.
They were also told that the school had now received its registration and as part of the requirements had been renamed Hayward Happy House School.
Manager Madam Rose, Head teacher Madam Joy, Deputy Head teacher Madam Milka concerning the general progress of the school.
Results were announced and the top three pupils in each class were awarded certificates.
They are:
 Standard 1:  1 Djamila Musa, 2 Benedict Waita, 3 Fatma Muhamed
Std 2:  1 Oscar Chengo, 2 Sid Francis, 3 Salama Baya
Std 3: John Kalume; 2 Selina Kithole; 3 Koki Ngumbao
Std 4: 1 Vaness Mgomba; 2 Tonia Vinna; 3 Rukia Esha
Std 5: 1 Amanda Thawabu; 2 Jacob Iha; 3 Everline Neema
Std 6: 1 Grace Iha; 2 Sharack Nduria; 3 Evans Khamisi
Std 7: Mercy Rehema; 2 Diana Meybu; 3 Kennedy Ajuly
Playgroup:1 Jonathan Shilingi, 2 James Kazungu, 3 Hope Kinya
Baby Class:1 Pretty Wali, 2 Abu Bakari, 3 Saul Karisa
KG1: 1 Mercy Changawa; 2 Dula Alex, 3 Sudi Bakari
KG2: 1 Neema Moschen, 2 Terry Edward, 3 Jordan Baya
KG3: 1 Ushindi Baya, 2 Fatuma Nguma, 3 Favour Thumbi
 Pictured: Top: KG3 perform; Mama presents Oscar with his certificate and Uncle Billy with Sudi. 
Right: Evans and Faida in their play and the audience watching.