Wednesday, 9 April 2014

School report: Scholarship student puts books first

Nassir Juma
In this week's  School  Report, Madam Russell writes:
We are now approaching school closing.
It has been a very long term of 14 weeks leading up to a great deal of preparation and  revision for the end term examination.
Our nursery section commenced their district examinations first, whilst the  primary section started a couple of days later. 
Kg exams
Primary section examinations were held over for two days as scheduled by the District Examination Board in Malindi. 
We expect good results from our pupils. 
Our star of the week is one of our new scholarship students, Nassir Juma .
Nassir is in class 7 and he was  the boy flew our flag during the District ball games  in Malindi when he was also our ambassador.
Over the two day camp held in Gede, Nassir carried his books with him all the time whilstother participants from  other schools who carried their sports kit. 
Primary exams
Our head teacher Madam Joy received several calls from Gede ball games officials congratulating  Nassir for revising his work. 
He is so  thirsty for  knowledge and at the Happy House, has, at  last,  found a place ready and willing to quench his thirst .
Hurray for Nassir Juma.
We are all so thankful for the scholarship scheme.  It is changing young lives.

Primary exams