Sunday, 13 April 2014

Our beautiful bedrooms - by Jane

Jane is our junior blogger today and she's talking about  the children's bedrooms!
In Happy House we have nine bedrooms only, Upstairs there are three, for boys and girls. The girls have two rooms and the boys have one.
Each room upstairs has six people only and they have a room leader. And the room  leader  of room one is Margaret and the room leader of room two is Janet.
And the leader of the boys’ is Evance.
And downstairs there are six rooms. Three for girls and two for boys and we have one room for babies and there are leaders.
In the first room is Jane, Selina and Jedida and in the second room we have Janet and the third room is Mercy, Maria and Mariam.
And the boys side leader of room one is Evance, Hassan, David and Oscar and the second room is Sifa, Musyoka and Samson. And the baby room is Fikiri.
I like our rooms very much because they are so nice and painted.
Pictured front: Jane, Maria and Mercy. Back row: Janet, Mariam and Lucinda.