Monday, 22 July 2013

Welcome to Frankie and Flora

Our two latest volunteers Frankie Asher and Flora Donovan are loving being a part of our Happy House family.
Frankie, a commodities broker, from London, flew out to Kenya just a few days after celebrating his 30th birthday with family and friends.
And with him he brought loads of necessities for of family much to the delight of our head housemum, Prescha.
Frankie is taking a career break to volunteer: " My sister spent a year working in an orphanage in Bulgaria three years ago and the tales of her experience touched me.
 I have spent the last 12 years working and have decided to take some time out and do something completely different, and ideally help others, those less fortunate."
Flora, from Oxford,  is spending two weeks helping at the Happy House.
Flora, 19, a student at Leeds University, and Frankie are  friends both of  Charlotte Poulter, who volunteered last year with her friend Saskia Flower.  Their families have all holidayed in Watamu.
Like Charlotte, who is in twin Saumu's sponsor family, Flora's familysponsor and are in Mwende's sponsor family.
Our child sponsorship key is to running the Happy House, but also how very special it is for child and sponsor.
And we still need so many more. 
Flora said:"I have always been interested in volunteering, as I believe it is a unique opportunity to work as part of a team and community, where one can meet new people and make new friends from diverse backgrounds - all with the common goal of improving the quality of life for people.
 I have  come to Happy House, not only to see and spend time with Mwende, who I sponsor, but also because of the happiness and excitement I have felt every time I have visited in the past and I think it is truly a wonderful place for the children to grow and learn.
From my first year as International Development student, I believe volunteering and working with a community is the only true way to understand and gain insight into the culture, heritage and underlying problems at a grassroots level."
We know you Frankie and Flora will have the most remarkable experience with our family which will enhance both their own lives and those of our children.  Enjoy every minute.