Saturday, 13 July 2013

Penciling in a profit and fun in the sun

Students from a Blackpool school have been selling pencils, erasers, sharpeners and rulers with profit coming to the Happy House.
St George's Church of England Business and Enterprise College, where Miss Hayley Clarkson's form, sponsor Mercy and David, lived up to its name with the enterprising students accruing their first £100 profit.
And yesterday they handed  the money over Elizabeth Gomm who went into school to tell  a mixed year group of students the latest news of our family and to show them a video.
The youngsters are now fired up to help some more with lots of ideas, but first have the cake sale they planned earlier and which takes place next week.
Thank you to everyone at St George's we hope that we may be able to forge even stronger links between your school and our Happy House.
What's in a name?
We are all set for an afternoon of fun in the sun raising money for the Happy House ... and this bear will be worth his weight in gold!
Guests at a Happy House barbecue, so kindly hosted by Steve and Cherith Cushing, will have a chance to win this cute and cuddly bear by trying to guess its name from a list of names of Happy House children, staff etc at £1 a go.
Steve and Cherith  have been working so hard all week to set the scene for a really wonderful day which will be the last Happy House social event before Mama and Papa head home  to the family in September.
For Mama, Papa, Steve and Cherith we want to make it a bumper fundraiser and a day to remember.