Saturday, 27 July 2013

Happy House is a family affair for the Beelams

The Beelam family with Auntie Rose
When Sheila Beelam was packing for her trip to Watamu, she had to go out and buy a bigger case!
Gift for David
After receiving an extra 15kg charity baggage allowance from First Choice, Sheila wanted to take as many necessities as she could including polycarbonate cutlery, boys black ankle socks, sanitary pads, teen bras and knickers, box files etc.
There was great delight when they arrived with so many useful gifts for our family, and with a birthday gift for their special friend, David Karisa, who they sponsor.
Sheila and Stuart have been supporting Sue's work since before their won daughters were born.
Sheila said: "Stu and I first went to Turtle bay in 1995, the year after we got married and whilst there I was worried I may be pregnant, so had a test done by the doctor at the hotel and found out I was pregnant with Hannah!
" So we call her the Turtle Bay baby!
"We then came back in 2004 with the girls when Han was 9 and Lucy 6, followed by 2007 and  2011. 
"We visited the school Sue and Dave were at and brought exercise books and  pens and they showed us the plot of land and told us their was so magical to then visit the Happy House once it had opened and see what they had managed to achieve!

 It was after our last visit that we became sponsors to young David 
Sheila, Stuart and the girls enjoyed a  lovely day at the Happy House with our family and we are just so grateful to them for their continued love and kindness
*Hannah is writing a blog about her experience of introducing our children to one of her own favourite activities  and which will appear here next week.