Saturday, 20 July 2013

No stopping him now!

Star toddles in
It's another lovely Saturday and we have something to celebrate!
Our very special little boy David is finally up and walking, eager to give all his playmates a run for their money.
We have celebrated his first steps before, but after four or five and he plonked right down on his bottom again, preferring to speed crawl.
But when you are a schoolboy, you have to pull your socks up ... and that's just what he's done!
Uncle Billy and Mama decided in May, when all the other kids returned to class after a break, that David should go too ... he was grumpy and fed up in the baby banda with the babies.
So he joined the playgroup class and settled in straight away. thoroughly enjoying himself.
Uncle Billy says: "Kidz club was fabulous with Alex being the birthday boy while the Star of the Week was David who is taking his maiden steps!
Unbelievably enrolment has truly paid dividends as  was my sincere hope in early May when he joined the playgroup.
 David has finally found his two legs! 
Kudos David ,thank you for working so hard and evidently believing in yourself. What more can we ask for?!
Birthday boy Alex
 We sincerely can't forget the mama's,aunties and the teachers for taking good care of our good King David and all the other children in the family. God bless you all."
David, as most of you will know, came to us a very weak and poorly newborn, abandoned at hospital by his mum.
In his first 18 months, Mama and Billy sought out all the medical help they could as he was filing to develop as a baby should and eventually were told he had Down's Syndrome.
With help and information from the Down's Syndrome Association in the UK, a programme of exercises was devised for David to stimulate him physically and mentally, and he was put through the routine three times a day.
He has never looked back.and for, David, now on his feet and walking the only way is forward ... to his next landmark.
Well done TEAM DAVID, and lots of Happy Birthday love to Alex.