Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ballet wins some Kenyan converts

Our children just love to dance. Even if they have never heard music before joining our family, as soon as they do they just start dancing!
When Mama  took home line dance dvds,they had themselves a line dancing team in no time.
Now they have had their first pointer in the direction of ballet!
Hannah Beelam shared her enthusiasm for ballet by giving the children a lesson.
Hannah, who is on holiday with her mum and dad, Sheila and Stuart, and sister Lucy, said:
Being at Happy House the showed us how lucky these children are to be given a second chance in life with a new home, a family and an education
" The fact that we had the opportunity to show them something exciting and new was an amazing feeling
".Standing there with 30 faces smiling back at you, ready and eager to learn is a wonderful feeling
".After going through the basic positions of the feet and arms in ballet, and all the children enthusiastically chanting them back to me, we moved of to plies, tendus and jumps (which they thoroughly enjoyed!)
". After a bit of practice some even managed to master petit jetes! 
"It was amazing how much we managed to teach them because of their enthusiasm for new things and they were over the moon when they saw the ballet gear we had brought for them.
''We could all see that we had made a difference. After the "class" had finished, a few children stayed and practiced together the basic links of steps that we had just taught them. 
''This really brought home just how much dance can bring people together.
''That day was an experience I will never forget."
Hannah's family have a dance shop, Just Ballet,  in Southend, and suppliers,  Tappers &; Pointers and Intermezzo had generously donated items of clothing and shoes for our children.
Everyone,boys and girls, who took part in Hannah's class , had a lovely time learning about and trying out something new. 
Thank you Hannah and family for giving them a wonderful introduction this classic art and to the suppliers who gave such beautiful items.