Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Welcome back Will and family

The Gordon family with Musyoka and Auntie Rose
 Last time the Gordon family visited the Happy House it was nothing but a shell.
But they could see how Mama’s vision was becoming a reality and took out a child sponsorship to help finish and furnish.
When the Happy House opened the following year, and the first of our children arrived, they were placed in the family of Musyoka.
Now four years later, they have returned to Watamu for a holiday and, now Will,Laura and their children Georgia and Luke have time to get to know their special friend and all the children in our family.
How special it is for Musyoka, and for them. 
The family, who live in Thorner near Leeds, are a huge support to us. Last year Will raised more than £1,000 when he ran the Leeds Half-Marathon; this year he donated items we have raffled and auctioned raising more than £700.
They are great ambassadors for our family too, helping to raise awareness whenever they can so it is lovely that they are now there and seeing for themselves just how things have changed and developed since 2009.
Will said: "I met Sue and Libby - two of the most inspiring ladies I have  ever met. The first day, I visited the Happy House, which was then being built, I agreed to sponsor and committed to helping with fundraising where I could.. 
" I believe that we can all make a difference however small. Sue has some very big ideas and is an amazing individual….I am happy to do my very small part in helping to support."
Sponsoring Musyoka opens a window on a very different world for Will's own children. 
"Now the children have a very good understanding of how a child's life in Africa is very different to that of theirs. They understand that Musyoka hasn't had the best start in life and that we are contributing in a very small way to try and create a better future."
We are delighted Will and family are now back in Watamu once again, and experiencing first hand the warmth and sunshine of our Happy House family.